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April 25, 2013
Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuttier.... she did!

A Walk in the Park...

April 12, 2013
Our life, it has not been a walk in the park recently, but it hasn't stopped us from taking a walk in the park...

The stars and the moon were in perfect alignment yesterday, they had to be it's the only explanation that I can think of :).  Lucy was awake and in a good mood before 5 PM, that hasn't happened in a long long time!  In all honesty, Lucy is barely awake these days, and when she is it's not necessarily a good thing.  The weather, it was beeeeautiful, unseasonably warm which had us uncharacteristically out and about with all four of our kiddos at 5 PM...wonders never cease!

The kids each took turns pushing their sister's chair while Drew and I walked a few steps back holding hands and taking in the site that is our kids, and also to protect our toes from getting run over by novice drivers.

The grass was blooming with hundreds of dainty purple flowers (Siberian squill for those of you horticulturists out there, Mom:), for which I look forward to seeing each and every spring!  We couldn't keep Sophie from running through the grass.

And we couldn't convince Lucy to put her feet in the grass...

that is until the girls talked her into it!

Megan, no one can deny that she holds a special place in Lucy's heart.

I tried to take a picture of all four them looking at the camera at the same time and before Lucy tipped over...yeah this is as good as it got.

This guy, he can roll his eyes in more directions than I thought possible, but every now and then he looks me straight in the eye, and when he does I can see straight into his soul.  Sixth grade boys, they are budding future gentlemen.  Jack is a great big brother, you should see him with his sisters but in particular Lucy, he is so so good to her.

We have a lot we are considering when it comes to Lucy's life, we are standing at a crossroads needing to make a decision to go this way or that way.  We really only have two options, both come with considerable risks!

We have not made up our minds just yet...

For now I am trying to saturate myself with moments like these, it's not every day you see her smile! 

 Your thoughts and prayers, love and support are greatly appreciated!
I promise to post a more detailed update soon, but for today I just wanted to share some of our memories with you.