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So very thankful for another year….

November 27, 2013
Last year at this time…
our girl was in the fight of her life.

She was so very very sick!

Our life has never been the same since she was born, even more since this time last year. 
Despite it ALL, we are trying our best to live life.

This time this year…
we are in Disney World, celebrating life...

and making memories!!!

 Hola Handy Manny, meet Lucy.  Bet you didn't know this, but you just so happen to be the LOVE OF HER LIFE (at the moment).  We thought it might be nice for her to meet you in person :).

We are all about seizing the moment, and boy have we had some moments this week.  I will write later about the story behind this story, how we decided to forgo any sleep and stress over how on earth we were going to do ALL of this in "the happiest place on earth".  But the ending goes something like this… life, it's all about the memories.

(To all of those who know and love us and had no clue that we were planning this, we didn't really know either until last week :).