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What do you say...

February 14, 2014
What do you say to someone who just lost their child…their baby?

There are no words that will take away our pain...the indescribable heart break...the emptiness that will always be the missing child in our family.

How we wish that your words could magically take away our pain, but that won't happen.  Our pain will always be there. In time we hope that we will learn to live with it better.  Our life will never be the same, but we have hope, there's always hope!

What we want you to know is that we very much want to share our grief with you!  

We want very much to talk to you about Lucy, and listen to you talk about her too.  Her name, her physical being, her scent, her voice, her touch, her physical presence here in our family on this earth…we miss it all, we miss her so so much!  Please help us to keep her memory alive, talk to us about her.  

One of our kids biggest fears is that no one will talk to them about Lucy ever again.  If I'm being honest here, it's one of our fears too.  We want to talk about her, we need to talk about her, we want and need to hear her name... she is and will always be a part of our family. 

The physical desire to want to be with her is overwhelming.  

The pain of missing her is indescribable. 

We never could have lived the life we did when Lucy was alive without the love, support, thoughts, and prayers of so many…this is especially true now that she has gone to Heaven!

Tomorrow, Valentines Day (I can't think of a more appropriate holiday for our very loved little girl), our family is going to have an opportunity to say our final good-bye to Lucy's physical body.  It will be a private service for just us, an intimate opportunity for us to physically lay eyes on her beautiful body one last time here on this earth.  Thankfully, we know we'll be reunited again...

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we will need them. 
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Jessica said...

I will definitely be praying... May God grant you his special grace for broken-hearted parents. It's such a long journey, and you already know the pain will never be gone. But I can say that God is faithful.

BensMom said...

Hi!I´m from Germany and my english is not so good but i try my best.

I want to write a letter with love for Lucy and im so sad that i dont do this in Lucys life.Can i do this now for her?

For the Love of Lucy:

"Lucy you are such a cute and brave little girl.You are strong.Now you have no pain and you can playwith the other angels in heaven.Rest in Peace Lucy.You have touched my heart."

Im so sad and sorry that you losing her.

I read your blog because last year the dr thinks my 7 Weeks old Baby has mito to.

anita said...

There are no words to describe the longing and missing. i know. I pray that you could get through this day. It hurts so much when all you want to do is scoop your daughter and take her home and tuck her into bed and care for her.
We are hoping to stop by tomorrow at her celebration of life service if things work out.
Hugs. Prayers. and strength to get through the next moments!
love, Anita

Franci said...

Loving you and all your kids! What a big splash little Lucy made in that water birth tub! With red hair to boot! I cherish the honor of being with you as you birthed those beautiful kids and can't wait to see you again!

Carrie said...

We have loved Lucy since the very first time we met her at DuPont. I remember meeting you at the first (and only) CCF meeting we attended and spending time talking with you by the elevators after the meeting. I love her pigtails and her sweet smile. I remember her wanting to go back to the room as we stood their talking. She absolutely had a gift to be loved.. such a special, beautiful girl. I was so inspired meeting you then and have learned so much from your journey with your little girl. We have prayed so much for all of you over the past year or so and continue to lift you up. This loss has been felt by so many in our mito community... but has been especially sad for me since we've met all of you including your special angel. Sending our love and prayers today and everyday,

Carrie Mullin
(Patrick's Mom)

Stephanie Paulsen said...

I pray that you all make it through this day. Somehow. I am so, so sorry. But happy for Lucy that her little body is finally free and able to fly. Fly high precious little Lucy.

TheDjbarber said...

praying for all of you....I sure will not forget Lucy

Kelly said...

Praying for all of you. There is no greater pain than holding your lifeless child. I can promise the pain you are feeling will slowly get less intense over time. Be kind to yourself in the coming weeks and months as you all learn to live and function with the grief. Your kids are especially in my prayers - it is so tough for them in so many ways. Praying for comfort for your family.
- Kelly in NC

Piper said...

My prayers are with you today. May God grant you such peace and love. What a special request!! I haven't followed your story very long, but it seems as if Lucy made an impact on many many lives. She will be remembered! May those that are your closest dearest friends help you keep that precious memory ALIVE!!!

Lynn S said...

All those rays of sunshine today were no doubt in my mind Lucy shining down on all of her family and friends !

Kristen said...

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. Our family will NEVER forget Lucy. She was an amazing little girl and was so loved. Please know we understand your pain and are hear to talk/listen whenever you need. I'm so glad you got a chance to say goodbye to her today. Know that you will see her again, of that I am sure. Big hugs to all of the Marletts. xoxo

Kristina said...

You were all on my heart today. I prayed that you would find peace saying goodbye to her earthly body. Knowing she is forever healed and never again in any pain. May God be with you on the road of grief. Be kind and patient with each other as everyone grieves differently. All our love to you!

Reagan Leigh said...

Such a precious angel! She has always reminded me of my daughter and so I've been very emotionally attached! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! And Lucy will be forever loved!