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It’s Finally Here!

August 20, 2010

It’s August 19th!  Today is the day, it’s Sophie’s much anticipated 5th birthday!  For her, today is all about the party, and celebrating with friends, and the cake, oh the cake, and of course let’s not forget about the presents picked out just for her!


August 19th is the day that we welcomed Sophie into our family, and we would not be the family we are today without her!  For me, today is all about celebrating the amazing girl that is our Sophie!  Sophie is a “one of kind”, that’s what my mom likes to say about our gal.  Sophie is passionate about many things!  She has a heart the size of Texas and a laugh  just about as loud.  Sophie is very independent, being number three in a family with four kiddos, she has learned that “just a minute” is really longer than a minute.  She is spirited, and does not lack character!  She is seriously funny!  The funny thing is she has no idea that she is so funny, which makes it that much more…funny.  She has the ability to make you laugh one minute and cry the next.  She is a girly girl and can mess with your emotions like that.


For those of you who know our girl, you know that she has a very distinct way of speaking.  I often wonder if crying every time she rode in the car during her first year of life has anything to do with the low, slow, deep tone in her voice way of speaking.  She is extremely a-r-t-i-c-u-l-a-t-e, and uses mature phrases like, “well, actually…”,  and “let me tell you something…”, and “basically it is sorta like…”, and “I am not really interested in…I would rather…” all of the time!  She loves to share her ideas with anyone and everyone.  She can talk your ear off!   With a Theresa Brewer like voice, our girl loves to sing!  She is constantly humming or singing a tune, I love to listen to her when she does this.


Sophie has two speeds, on and off.  She has given up napping and we have given up trying to get her to nap.  Sophie has two of the greatest older siblings  in the world (I know I’m a bit biased) to keep up with and the most special baby sister to take with her on her quests.  The dynamics between all four of them is magical, they need each other and feed off of one another in a very awe inspiring way.  Each is a key player in their relationships, but I would have to say that Sophie possesses extra special powers that can dominate the relationships.


Sophie’s interests are so many…  She has an all or nothing kind of  personality, which makes it easy to know what she likes and what she doesn’t (not sure who she gets that from?).  Soph has a talent for drawing, often frustrating her preschool classmates with her very representational art.  She and Megan spend hours on the floor near our “art center” drawing and crafting away.  I used to feel bad for throwing away any of my kiddos art, until the mass production of it started in my kitchen a few years ago.  I am a sentimental kind of mama, but honestly these girls can draw and we would be drowning in paper!   Sophie loves to take pieces from a game or toy and use them in her various play plots, she is creative like this.  Because of this my obsessive compulsive tendencies for keeping things in order, especially game and puzzle pieces, have been challenged. I force myself to keep things in perspective, but let me tell you she sure knows how to get  me.   She is very territorial, and we feel that has a lot to do with her birth order and her age.  She is always defining what is hers, writing her name on everything!


Sophie is one smart cookie, one unique little girl, one very talented human being, one very loved sister, daughter, granddaughter, and friend! 

Happy 5th Birthday Sophie,

we Love you!

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Monica said...

Such an amazing description of an awesome little girl. LOVE the pictures--such beautiful brown eyes. Happy birthday to your girl!

Susan said...

Nicole, I finally had the chance to check out your blog. You have an amazing gift for writing, and photography!! Love the pictures! When do you find the time to keep up with this?! I'll be sure to check back in frequently to keep updated on Lucy, and the rest of the family. I'd love to try to get together, maybe once school starts?
Hope all is well,
Susan (from WC)

Helen A said...

If only mother saw their children's special graces as you do for each of your children or loved them as much; what a wonderful world it would be for all of us. Sounds like Sophie had a great birthday. Your description of raising a special needs child touched my heaart and I am going to share it with others.