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So much change, so little time…

December 3, 2010

To write that is, life has been busy in the Marlett house.  I want to apologize to anyone who has called, e-mailed, texted, or tried to communicate with us in, let’s just say,  the last month or so, it has been difficult to find the time to talk , type, or get together.  Please, please, know that we love hearing from you and  will get back to you…soon, I hope.

There are so many thoughts and feelings floating around my head,  sometimes I worry about sharing too much, as a way of protecting everyone around us from some of the intense and varied emotions that accompany what we are living with.  On the other hand, it is the intense emotions that make our life our life. 

We have come to expect challenges everyday… and challenges are what we have been dealing with on so many levels.  For instance, today, Thursday our craziest busiest day of the week, we had an urgent need to get to DuPont to have Lucy’s GJ-tube replaced in IR because her J-tube migrated out of her intestines and into her stomach, causing our girly to have many issues.  We have been dreading a tube change for Lucy because for Lucy it is a very traumatic experience, add to that the fact that we could not use any sort of sedation medication and it made for one stressful afternoon. 

Tomorrow’s another day, and hopefully I will have some time to write more.  I will say that we are adjusting to some of the new challenges in our life and that feels pretty good.  The kids are really doing well and are adjusting to all of these changes,each in their own way.

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Jill said...

Aww! I hope the tube change wasn't too bad! Gavin's are always a little traumatic too but Katie (in IR) always does such a great job with him! those girls down there are great!