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Not again…

March 17, 2011

Thought I would share a little e-mail conversation between the good doc and I.

Me: Tube’s out…AGAIN! 

Dr. R: Ugggghh…

Me:  What’s a Mama to do?

Dr. R:  Let me get back to you on that.

Frustrating would be the word that sums up my day.  We had a two hour pre-anesthesia appointment for Lucy’s manomentry study at CHOP in which I had to recount Lucy’s ENTIRE medical history to a nurse practitioner, one organ system at a time.  She keep saying to us, “lets just start at the beginning,”….seriously.

Again, just thought I would share.

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~plaid said...

Just want to tell you that I'm impressed how you keep focused with Lucy. I don't post much, but that's partly because it's hard to know what to say with the incredible list of difficulties you're going through. We're out here rooting for you, but just wish that really meant anything useful. Hope that the "let me get back to you on that" results in a brilliant idea that suddenly came to light to help. But I think you are doing exactly what a mama's to do, and that is deeply loving your little ones, and particularly when it's hard to show it when the circumstances are so frustrating. What a great example you are!

Susan said...

To quote piglet, "Oh dear, oh dear, oh d-d-d-dear!" Praying for extra measures of God's strength, peace, and patience for you today!