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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2011

Indeed it is! 

We did it, we accomplished what seemed like the impossible!   We arrived at Give Kids the World around lunchtime! 


We are here!

Don’t even ask how many bags and suitcases we brought with us…it was too many to count.


We made it through airport security with dozens of vials of IV meds, liters of TPN bags, at least 100 syringes of sterile saline, bags of needle syringes, and with Lucy of course.  Security was kind and compassionate, they did what they had to do but with understanding and respect.  I was impressed with how well they handled our family’s needs.  I’ll be the first to admit we are a TSA nightmare. 

The kids all helped pull or carry something through the airport.   When we arrived in Orlando we were greeted by a volunteer from Give Kids The World, who also brought a cart with her to help us with what she could only assume was going to be a lot of luggage.

All of the kids did well on the flight, even Sophie Lucy.  It was not easy moving Lucy in and out of her chair, she is in pain and moving her makes her even more uncomfortable.  After several e-mail conversations with Dr. R we increased Lucy’s morphine dosing considerably.  We received a shipment of more meds around midnight as we realized that with the increased dose we would not have enough meds to last us through today.  We are praying for pain control for our little one, as it is unbearable to see her hurting!

To say that I am emotional today would be an understatement.  Being here, at this amazing place, with my family… is truly a blessing.  


Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, being here is an answer to so many of them! 

Happy mother’s day to all of the moms in our life!

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Helen A said...

So so glad you are safely there, now enjoy.

R1-7 said...

I'm soooo happy to know that you got there safely!!! Your comment & pictures made me cry!! Thanks for the update. Truly Happy Mother's Day! :) Love, Fumie

Jessica said...

I hope you have a wonderful time,so glad your family was able to make it there! Brent got his wish in March and we also stayed at GKTW.It was very special!
Always praying for Lucy!
Jessica R

Susan said...

I can't believe you made it!! Actually, because "with God all things are possible", I guess I can. Praying for a pain free day for little Lucy, for lots of smiles and laughs and blessings for each member of your family. SO happy for you guys. Soak it all in!!

Heather said...

Yay! Yay!!!! Oh my gosh, I am SO excited for you guys! Everyone looks so happy! Have a fabulous week!!!!!


Jessica said...

Praying for your trip to be a blessing for years and years to come. I am so happy for you. Our trip last year was a true miracle and we will never forget it. I am praying the same for your family!

Carrie said...

Glad to know you all arrived safely & that you are now having a great time with pops & princesses - and Mickey! :)