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Happy New Year!

January 15, 2012

On your mark, get set, go go go…that is exactly how our year started, not unlike last year, or the year before that…


Our life is busy, of course it is we have four kids!  Our days are full of the typical everyday stuff and the the not so typical everyday stuff.  Last year at this time I was begging and pleading God for more time.  I specifically prayed not just for time, but for more memory making opportunities, and for time to process and reflect.  We have a peace about our life this year that we did not have at this time last year.  Prayers big and small get answered everyday, and we are blessed again to be beginning another year as a family of six!


We begin every new year off with the celebration of Jack’s birthday, he graced us with his presence eleven years ago on January 4th.  They(whoever “they” are) weren’t kidding when they said they grow up fast!  Why is it that I feel older on Jack’s birthday?   Jack is growing up to become one fine young man, he makes his mama and his daddy so proud.

PC240726 So many have asked us about our holidays, thanks for asking.  We celebrated a wonderful Christmas at home, the six of us and my parents!  The week leading up to Christmas was stressful, of course, but not just because I had a million things to accomplish for the holiday, but because Miss Lucy had to go and make things a little exciting, you know with the whole serotonin syndrome business.   If I recall the week leading up to Christmas we could be seen at DuPont almost everyday for one reason or another.  Lucy got a new GJ-tube(tube #24, but who’s counting) for Christmas as she was in need of one that would drain! Jack happened to get a virus for Christmas this year that landed him in bed for the better part of Christmas and a few days following, not the best present but he has fully recovered back to the Jack we know and love, so all’s well that ends well.


As Drew and I surveyed the presents under our Christmas tree and the stockings all hung by our chimney with care, I was in awe of all that we had accomplished.  How and when we had time to communicate with the North Pole I just don’t remember, but I impressed myself this year!  All of our kids were happy, which is the best gift any parent can get for Christmas.


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Jessica said...

Glad to hear everyone is holding on- I was starting to worry! Love the beautiful smiles on your children :)