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It's been awhile...

July 29, 2012
Long time no write, I know. I took a conscious break from electronics for a while as life has been crazy busy. I felt the need to cut back on somethings and blogging was temporarely one of them. Then my computer decided that it needed a break as well and it has stopped working all together...ugh. I have so much I want to share with you, but for right now I wanted to let you know Lucy and I are at the DuPont ED. She woke early this morning with acute abdominal pain telling us that "her insides hurt", and now has a fever. Her pain was and is intense and we are hoping and praying for answers. Labs and cultures are drawn, and radiology has taken a look but so far there is nothing too obvious. We are going to be starting our usual protocol for fevers, two separate IV antibiotics one to cover gram positive bacteria and one to cover gram negative bacteria. We are getting admitted, hopefully to our usual floor. On Tuesday while at our appointment with Dr. R he told us that he was going to be on vacation for two weeks starting Saturday. We joking said that will be when Lucy decides to get not funny Lucy. Thank you in advance for all your thoughts and prayers.
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