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Fever Free...

August 3, 2012
For the first time this week our girl is fever free, heart rates are considerably lower, blood counts are holding steady, and her med schedule is, well, ridiculously insane!  It looks like we are on the right track, but despite an improving fever curve Lucy is still not feeling well.  She is extremely sleepy, anything and everything seems to wear her out.  My mothering instinct is saying that once we pull the infected line we will see the Lucy we know and love so much least that is what I am hoping and praying for.  Lucy is scheduled in the OR for a new line placement sometime on Monday, pending negative cultures from here on out.  If you are reading in between the lines, we are here for the weekend...ugh.  And if you live a medically complex life like ours than you know that you are not really guaranteed a time in the OR until you receive a time slot, for which we have none, yet.

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Krissy said...

So happy to hear the fever is gone!! I've been checking on her each day and praying for a turn around! Great news for you all!