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September 4, 2012
Are you walk that is!  This coming Saturday, September 8th is the UMDF DelVal's Third Annual Energy for Life Walkathon.  The 3K walk will kick off at 9 AM along the riverfront starting at Camlbell's Field the Camden Rivershark's Stadium in Camden, NJ.  We would love for you to join our walk team, "For the Love of Lucy", and help us raise awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease.  Really, we would love to walk and talk with you about life, all while raising awareness and funds for a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.  (Hey Franci, you wanna go for a walk!)

We realize that we are VERY late in asking this year, but better late than never...right!  Sometimes (who am I kidding), often I do my very best work at the 11th hour, and I believe that this years walk team will be just as amazing as our previous two years.

Our amazing walk team from 2011!

Due to hospitalizations, multiple clinic appointments, medical stuff, broken computers, kids stuff, and life in general, I did not have the ability or the time to put together a shirt order, fundraiser dinners, or multiple e-mails about the walk this year. However, I had a thought...there are quite a few of you who read our blog, you support us in prayer, with meals and kind gestures, and with your friendship, love, and compassion.  You have learned quite a bit about our life from the pages of this blog and as a result you too have been impacted in some way, shape, or form by mitochondrial disease.  If you see it mentioned in the news or you hear anything about the mitochondria, you can probably say I know or read a bout a little girl and her family who are affected by this disease.  If you are into the details, then you can probably say to someone even more than just, "I've heard of that". I am putting out a challenge to all of you dear family, friends, readers, supporters, and followers.  If everyone who follows our blog donates just $10 to Lucy's walk team, well...we would raise around  $1,020.00.  I know there are more than just 102 of you who read our blog, I see the stats, I follow the trends.  You all notice that I write more when Lucy is sick and in the hospital because she is in need of your thoughts and prayers.  I notice too that you are there supporting us, and checking on us more often.  If everyone who reads about our family donates $10, $20, $30..., I can only imagine what an impact that could make!  Those few dollars add up, believe me we have seen penny donations grow to the hundreds and thousands. 

Lucy's walk page is up and running, feel free to register to join our team and walk with us, or "virtually" walk with us, on Saturday for the love of Lucy and the many others who are affected but this devastating disease. There is no fee to walk, donations are accepted on the day of the walk.  You can also make safe and secure donations directly to Lucy's walk team online.  Just click on this link or on Lucy's walk logo or Energy for Life logo on our left sidebar and follow the directions on the web site. We'll keep Lucy's walk page up and running past the date of the walk for those of you wish to make donations later than Saturday.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support, thoughts and prayers...we could never do this alone!

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