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A much needed boost...

June 4, 2013
Since having surgery seventeen days ago, this has pretty much been the scene around our house...

Sleeping Beauty is certainly living up to her name, sleeping up to 24 hours some days!  Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy Lucy.
We are not sure yet what to make of all of this, but there has been a lot of talk about disease progression...sigh.  This latest surgery appears to have taken a lot out of our girl!

  We are looking for something, anything...OK almost anything, that will give our girl a boost.

Today we are spending the day at the hospital for clinic appointments and a much needed boost - a blood transfusion.  
When we arrived in clinic I told Dr. k if he wanted to see her awake he'd better come quick.  
He missed it.

(The glove, it's filled with "hanitizer" aka hand sanitizer, usually we use urine specimen cups cause they have lids!  Lucy treats the hanitizer dispensers around the hospital like they are drink refill stations.  Oh yeah, she's obsessed!)

When Lucy did wake, she kept asking to go to day med, what she really wanted was to lay down and take a nap.

She was overtired when we finally arrived, but after settling in she is fast asleep.  Blood is infusing ever so slowly into our girl so as not to fluid overload her. 

(The Diet Coke bottle she is sleeping with is my much needed boost, the dark red tubing connected to her central line, her much needed boost;)

Oh, the hours and hours of infusions that we sit through...and will continue to sit through for as long as we can!

Here's hoping that these packed red cells are just the boost she needs!
Thanks to those of you who give blood, your efforts help to save lives, we appreciate that!
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Monica said...

Think about you guys all the time. Hopeful that the boost is gotten.

(Diet Coke is my boost of choice as well. Sam seems to love playing with my 1/2 full bottles while out!)

Hang in there mamma!

charity said...

hope the blood was the boost she needed. my boost of choice is dr pepper lol. praying for your girl she is to precious to sleep all day