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Life after death...

October 15, 2015
It's been a anybody still there?

On the topic of life after death there is so much that I can write about the subject, and will, just not today.

Today I want to share with you about a new life after Lucy's death, a life that we still can't believe is happening.  On March 12, what would have been Lucy's 7th birthday, we were gifted a surprise present from Heaven, the news of a new baby!

Surprised? So were we!

It's true for those of you who may have heard the news but have not seen us, or have seen us but were too polite to say anything:).  I am pregnant and we are thrilled to be expecting a new baby, and might I add very soon!  Baby Marlett is expected to make his or her debut sometime in the middle of November.

Finding out we're pregnant one year after loosing our baby girl to a devastating disease, and on her birthday nonetheless, it's nearly impossible to describe the emotions that accompany arguably two of life's greatest changes - life and death.  To simultaneously grieve the loss of Lucy and be joyful for the new life growing and wiggling inside me is indescribable.

We have run the full gamut of emotions, from questioning God yet again for choosing us for this journey, to praising and thanking Him for entrusting us with a new life.  All of the emotions that new expecting parents experience, we are feeling them, in addition to all of the emotions that parents who have experienced the death of a child feel.  Lucy's life and death has forever changed us!

How do the kids feel about the new baby?  They are over the moon thrilled to have a new baby brother or sister in their life.   We believe that Lucy is too.   The kids each believe that Lucy sat with God and picked just the right baby to join our family.

For those of you who are wondering, this has not been an easy pregnancy.   I'm not in my twenties or thirties anymore, but I won't complain, to you anyway :).  Our family of six, God willing, will soon be a family of seven.  We are preparing for yet another huge life change in our house!

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Ann said...

Very glad for you. I've never met you but somehow got on your blog. Have prayed for you throughout all of this. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival!

Kim Jolly said...

I know we don't know each other, however, I've followed your blog for quite some time. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Blessings, Kim

EDS Warrior said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Lucy sent this bubba to you.
Enjoy your unexpected gift from heaven. xx

Clara-Leigh said...

Congratulations!!!!! What a new adventure, and what a healing experience for you all. Lucy is certainly smiling!!

Chanda Marie Griese said...

Such beautiful, wonderful news! How lovely to be able to have a new baby in the family (: You have such a big heart and all the more from loving on your sweet Lucy. Your new little one will definitely feel that love <3 May the Lord bless you with His grace and peace, mama!

Francine said...

I am always surprised to feel so much emotion for someone I don't know personally. But through your blog, I feel like I know your whole family. At first I could not believe your wonderful news, and then I was filled with such joy for you! Congratulations to all of you!

Lynn S said...

Congratulations ! Very happy for all of you , just wonderful news !😃❤️