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Another Weekend…

March 29, 2009

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Hooray for Saturday!  I love Saturdays for the simple fact that I can sleep in because Drew is home and can get up with the kids.   Only in my recent  sleep deprived state, I often forget what day of the week it is and wake in a panic thinking that we slept past the alarm!  This happened to me this morning when I opened my eyes to Sophie starring  right at me and to Lucy on the monitor fussing at 6:50AM.  I mumbled to Sophie to go back to bed when she began to cry that she wanted to go downstairs and then it hit me, it’s Saturday!  As I was walking to the nursery to feed Lucy, I told Sophie she could go downstairs knowing full well that Jack would be up soon.  I know this because on Saturday our boy wakes up early on his own, unlike during the week, because he knows that on Saturday morning he is allowed to play video games while Drew and I try to eek out another hour or so of sleep.   Sure enough when I finished nursing Lucy and came back to bed, Jack came waltzing in and told his dad and I that he would play Wii with Sophie, what a good brother, so that we could sleep in.  To which Drew mumbled something about how, “this counts towards your two hours of video game time”.  Ok, so we talk the talk but don’t always walk the walk.  Sometimes, we extend those two hours of  video game time on the weekend just a little when it works to our sleep advantage.  Drew woke about an hour later when three out of the four were up so that I could stay sleeping and he could play Wii with the kids.  I have been working the night shift for the last twelve or so months, but recently I have been putting in a ton of overtime!  Lucy is not sleeping well at all, that’s an understatement!  She wakes anywhere between 3 and 11 times a night!  Eleven is the record number of wake times since I have consciously been keeping track.  We have some theories as to what is causing her to wake and they are all related to her GI system.  Hopefully we will get some answers to what is ailing her after GI does their work up.  As for now, we know that cutting way back on the solids seems to make a difference.  So even thought I can’t seem to get it through my head that my baby who so very much wants to eat things now can’t for some unknown reason handle what goes into her body.  Oh this is so very frustrating to comprehend!  I refuse to give up hope that she will one day eat like the rest off us! 

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Our life has been going full force, it seems since the beginning of this Month.  We have had a total of  thirteen medical appointments so far this month between Lucy’s specialists, pediatrician, speech and feeding therapies, occupational and physical therapies, and several trips to the dentist for everybody except Lucy and Drew.   Thank goodness for our insurance!  As far as appointments go we are waiting to hear back from Atlanta as to whether or not they will take Lucy on as patient.   We are waiting to hear back from them before we go ahead and schedule Lucy’s GI procedures because if the doctor in Atlanta agrees to see her than we will have her muscle biopsy preformed down there instead of at CHOP.  If for some reason they do not agree to see Lucy, than we will consider having the biopsy preformed at CHOP when she is under anesthesia for one of her GI procedures.  Like I’ve said before, we are in the hurry up and wait mode!

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Our life is not only doctors appointments and medical stuff, although it feels like that recently, we have been doing a few other things as well.  Last weekend the kids Grandma Dianne came to visit us from Wisconsin.  We had a lovely visit with her.  The kids enjoyed spending time with her as I know she did as well.  I’m sure she went home and missed all the noise and chaos of having little ones running around and talking all at once, or maybe not?

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It has also been a big time of year for birthdays in our house!  During the month of March Drew, Lucy, and I all celebrate a birthday.  There has been a lot of cake around here recently, and no I am not complaining!  Drew and I combined our presents this year and bought ourselves a brand spanking new computer complete with wireless internet!  Yes everybody, I am typing to you from the comforts of my own kitchen counter and not our freezing cold basement.  I’m sure to some of you this is not very impressive, but to those of us who have been working on a relic from 2002 you know exactly the enthusiasm I am feeling right now sitting in my kitchen typing this for all of you to read!   This new beauty will only facilitate my blogging habit and hopefully provide you all with many valuable posts about the Marlett family. 

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Ok, well my time here is up as I am off to check on my children and go to bed.   Hopefully Lucy sleeps well tonight, I will never give up hope as that is what I have!

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