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March 2, 2009

On Friday we took the family to one of our favorite places, Longwood Gardens. If a picture says a thousands words then these will speak volumes, enjoy!
This is about as good as I got on Friday afternoon. It's not easy getting a good picture of the four of them. At first you don't succeed try try again!

Obviously, not a good one but this picture says a lot about our afternoon.

This has been Lucy's mood recently, thought you want to see what I have been writing about. We pulled her tube today to give her nose a break. We thought it would be nice to have some pictures without a yellow tube hanging out of her nose.

Doesn't Sophie look like she is saying nice try mom, better luck next time. What you don't see is that about a second later Lucy started screaming because her legs got stuck in between the slats on the bench.

This picture would be so cute if it didn't look like Megan was strangling Sophie.

Are we boring you Lucy?


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