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Antibiotics are a Good Thing

August 10, 2009

We are all singing the praises of antibiotics in our house this weekend!  Lucy is feeling better than we have seen her in a while.  Her mood is better which makes all of us feel better even me who has been sick all weekend.  The moment we left the hospital on Friday afternoon I told Drew that I was wiped, little did I know how wiped I was.  I woke up Saturday morning with a fever, feeling achy all over, and feeling like I swallowed a golf ball.  I spent Saturday afternoon in urgent care where they diagnosed me with strep throat and sent me home with antibiotics.  After sleeping most of the weekend, drinking plenty of fluids, and three doses of antibiotics, I am feeling much better.  The moment I announced that I was feeling better tonight everyone in our house cheered, especially my husband.   He deserves a medal of honor for all of his energy and efforts given to our children and house this past week! 

Tomorrow is another big day, I have a weeks worth of household responsibilities to catch up on and an appointment with Lucy’s neurologist.  We are going to discuss how we are going to start Lucy on the mito cocktail.  I also need to make a call to Lucy’s GI doctor to get some advice on how to control the granulation tissue that is growing back around her tube.  From what we understand granulation tissue is the body’s natural response to a foreign object in the human body.  I am hoping that we can figure something out so that we don’t have to reapply silver nitrate to control the tissue.

We are going to try to catch our breath and enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation before school starts again.  The weather here is extremely hot so anything we do is going to have to involve staying cool.  I predict that we will eat our fair share of ice cream and popsicles in the next few days, which will certainly make Jack, Megan, and Sophie very happy.  Drew was planning on taking some vacation time this week but after last weeks unexpected turn of events we are going to have to reevaluate our vacation time.  Drew works for an incredibly generous company who have said to him time and time again to take what ever time you need.  He has been able to do this but at the same time he needs to get done the same amount of work. We will hopefully be able take one day this week  to make some memories and go on adventure with the entire family.  

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