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We’re still here but…

August 7, 2009


Here, meaning in the hospital but hopefully not for much longer.  We are still here because Lucy’s first culture grew positive for staph aureus, aka MRSA , in addition to the strep A bacteria.  We are waiting to get the results back from her second culture to see if that too grows the same staph bacteria.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will find out those results.  We had to switch Lucy’s antibiotic tonight to a medicine that will fight the two kinds of bacteria.  They were hoping to be able to administer a few more doses of IV antibiotics, but Lucy’s IV quite on us again and this time it was in less than 24 hours!  Thankfully we were all in agreement to switching  her to oral antibiotics instead of torturing her by placing another IV.  She is a very difficult stick , on top of that her veins are shot from her last admission at CHOP. 


We had her EEG done this morning which will hopefully come back normal.  If it doesn’t I wonder if acting like your head is going to be severed from you body just minutes before having the test preformed can have any effect on the results.  If so, than that could be a reason for the abnormality.  Oh my did she ever carry on and on and on… I can’t blame her one bit, she has been through way too much!


Now for the best part of this post, Lucy appears to be feeling better.  She is acting silly again and doing more smiling tonight than crying, hooray!  Her stoma looks better, not great, but better than it did even this morning.  It’s still oozing but not as much as it was even this afternoon.  These are all good signs that the medication is working.  If she continues doing this well, we should be discharged tomorrow and sent home on oral antibiotics!   I have packed our bags every morning this week in anticipation of going home, I think that’s a bad omen.  Instead, I will wait until I sign the discharge papers to pack us up.  Hopefully I will be able to update you from the comforts of our own home!  Thanks again for your continued support, your thoughts and prayers mean so much!

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