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An Inspiration

November 7, 2009

Last year we were blessed to meet a family in the hospital whose son had mitochondrial disease.  It was obvious from the moment we met this family that they had a familiarity with the hospital environment that was comfortable to them, but to most is unfamiliar.  We were in the beginning of our search for answers and they were in the midst of fighting an uphill battle with this baffling disease.  Although they were living a life most of us could not ever imagine, they were living their lives as a family inside the walls of the hospital.  Karen reached out to me and shared with me a little about their situation.  She and I discussed our circumstances while Lucy fussed in my arms, she was the first person to tell me about mitochondrial disease.  Though our situations are very different , many of Lucy’s symptoms were strangely familiar to Karen.  I never imagined that one year later we would learn that our Lucy is battling the same disease.   Gavin’s situation and his fighting spirit have giving us perspective.  The way the Owens family choose to live their lives as a family with two beautiful children, seeing beyond the illness, is an inspiration.  Today the earth is loosing a little hero…go in peace little Gavin.

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