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November 23, 2009

On Friday night our family of six celebrated Thanksgiving, aka Thanksgiving Jr. according to Jack or Thanksgiving practice according to Sophie,  with all of our usual favorites plus a few extras.  The kids realized that because we will be at my sister’s for Thanksgiving I was not going to be cooking all of the food.  This caused quite a stir in our house since it is our family tradition to stay in our pajamas on Thanksgiving and make a lot of yummy foods and a great big mess in our kitchen.  I love that the kids look forward to certain traditions, I myself am a bit of a traditionalist just ask my family.  However if you do ask them, they may choose to use other words to describe my love of tradition.  I shopped, cooked, and prepped for our pre Thanksgiving all week.  On Friday afternoon Drew came home at 3:30 and put the turkey in the oven, since I was at DuPont with Lucy.  When I came home I changed into my pajamas and we set to work on making a lot of food and a gigantic mess of our kitchen.  When all was said and done we sat down for dinner at 7:45; better late than never, but hey we were a week early.  One of the best things about Thanksgiving… all of the leftovers.


Friday was a day of feasts, Sophie had her Thanksgiving friendship feast and play at preschool.  She was dressed as a pilgrim girl and recited the line  “I am thankful that we finally reached land, we named a big rock Plymouth rock, after all we came from England.”  She tweaked the wording towards the end but she was great!  We weren’t really worried, this is our girl who knows all the words to Taylor Swifts “Juliet”.  I know, I know those lyrics are not very appropriate for a four year old, what can I say the girl has an uncanny knack for saying the inappropriate. 


Lucy’s new AFOs fit her well, but that little stinker would not take a step in them.  She stood in her walker just looking down at her feet.  She was more engrossed with the design and pulling on and off the Velcro than actually walking.  I took her to the shoe store after we left the hospital to try and find a pair of lightweight shoes that will fit with her orthotics. We found an adorable pair of Mary Jane mini shoes from Robeeze that had butterflies on them. Lucy’s actual shoe size is a size two, I had to buy her a size four to fit with her new butterfly legs.  They should fit for a while:)


I finally took a few minutes for myself this weekend and got my haircut.  The last time I had this done was in March, we’ve  been a little busy around here.  You know it’s time to get it cut when your husband starts telling you when he can watch the kids so that you can go to the salon.  I had all of the kids hair cut on Wednesday afternoon including Lucy.   They all look so cute and clean cut,  this is the first step towards getting the perfect photos for the holidays. 


Lucy has an appointment with her GI doc this morning and an appointment with the G-tube nurse practitioner.  We are going to discuss increasing her reflux meds, feeding rat, and switching her GJ-tube to a Mic-Key button.  Her current tube is leaking, not enough to worry about her loosing her feeds but it is constant drip and very stinky. I have been sporting a wet spot on my right side everyday for the last week or so.  Oh the things we have to deal with, really it’s a small price to pay for Lucy’s life.      

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Heidi said...

Great update...LOL, silly girl, loved the part about knowing all of Taylor Swifts lyrics! Thats OK, she's a favorite around here too.

The pics of the kiddos are wonderful. Im glad you had a nice holiday and I agree, the leftovers are the best part! Now Im waiting to see that haircut of yours! Like you, its usually 6 months between cuts for me as well. I hope little Lucy decides those new shoes are pretty cool and will do more than play with them.

Good luck on the upcoming appts, I know youll love that new Mic-key button! Continued hugs and prayers for your baby girl. Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy Holiday! (weve had too much flu here!, ugh)

From Chilly Seattle,
Heidi and Jack 6 Mito I+III, IV.