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Happy Birthday Lucy Grace

March 12, 2010

Click this link to see Lucy's 2nd Birthday Video.

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Heidi said...

Feeling pretty special to be the first one to post a comment! What a beautiful video. Loved all those pics of you and the kidss. So sweet, youre me, but instead, Im a blonde with 3 boys and a girl! lol.

I know making these can make you pretty teary eyed! Just going through the old photos brings back so many memories for me. Sometimes its hard to look back too. Especially when I look at the photos of Jacks birth. Everyone holding him with smiles and no one having any clue what was to come, sigh.

ANYWAY...Just wanted to wish your ADORABLE red head a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just one day after Jacks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! May all your dreams come true...hugs and continued prayers from your friends in Seattle-
Heidi & Jack.

**btw, no we dont do cake for Jack. We used to when he was younger for the other kids but havent for a awhile now. To be honest, as strange as it sounds, I dont think about it much anymore. Isnt that wierd?! I guess I still should so he can blow out some candles though (what a rude mom!) I guess we stopped because he gags at just the sight and smell of frosting, I think thats what made us stop! But I know he would still love the candle part so when we have his bday party here, Ill try to figure out what least offensive food I can put a few candles in! SO thanks for the reminder...just because he doesnt eat doesnt mean he should be cheated on the candles and wish! --hugs--

stargo said...
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