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Music, a family affair…

May 19, 2010

We had our marathon of end of the year music classes last week.  Lucy’s family music class was on Tuesday night.  Seeing how far she has come since September is simply…amazing!  I wanted to pick her up on the first day and cry right along with her… it was so obvious to me on that day how very “different” she is from her siblings and the other kids her age. We stuck with it, and I am very proud to say that she and I, together, have come a long way!

Sophie had her family music class on Thursday afternoon.  She loves it when we are all involved in making music together as a family.  When Sophie LOVES something it shows with every fiber of her being! 

Jack and Megan had their pizza party and recital on Thursday as well.  We have been involved with the Hockessin Music School for almost NINE years!  Jack has successfully graduated from the birth to nine program, and if I had realized this before he played this last recital I may have been more teary eyed than I already was watching him play.  He made his mama proud as he played all three of his recital pieces at the piano.  Memories of Jack as a baby were in my mind Thursday night, as well as memories of Megan, Sophie, and Lucy too.  All of our kiddos have “grown up” in the program,  it is pretty amazing to see the progress each one of them has made through the years.

Megan did awesome!  She has a very different practice style from Jack’s.  Let’s just say she is a bit of a perfectionist(not sure where she gets that from:), and doesn’t allow Mommy to help her when she is in the midst of figuring out something .  

Sophie has attended more music classes, by nature of her birth order, than any of our four kiddos.  As a result the girl has a very well trained ear and is almost always humming or singing a song.  Sophie spent most of our Thursday afternoon (all of two hours) at home trying to learn a familiar music class song, All the Little Ducklings, on the keyboard while I was busy meeting with our Early Intervention nurse coordinator.  She would run back and forth from the keyboard to our family room and ask if I heard her.  I didn’t realize until later what she was up to, after all of the kids were done playing their recital pieces Sophie asked if it was her turn.  She was practicing for the recital.   She wowed us all with her piano playing abilities.  Megan was so impressed she left this note for Sophie the following morning:

Sophie piano letterThis too makes a mama and a daddy so proud. 

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