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9:00 Update

January 26, 2011

After only eight hours, cultures have come back growing gram negative rods, which means a line infection.  It must be a pretty potent infection, if after only eight hours we have positive cultures.  We are still waiting to learn what if anything else grows, typically you need to wait another 24 to 48 hours.

Lucy is on two different IV antibiotics, one to cover gram negative bacteria and another to cover gram positive bacteria.  In addition she is running several other IV meds. It is going to be a busy night of meds and untangling of her lines. 

She continues to complain of belly pain.  We are draining both her g and her j to help alleviate some of her pain.  Her fevers have come way down, nothing like we saw this afternoon. 

Drew was with Lucy and I all day, but is back home with the other kiddos tonight, as I work the night shift here.  Our friends the Lanahans took the three other kids today as the kids had a day off from school for a teacher in-service.  We are so blessed to have such loving and amazing friends. 

As always, we are so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers said for our family and children!   

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Cory said...

Nicole and family,
We faithfully watch for your updates and continually pray for Lucy's health and the whole family's strength. You all are a model of spiritual strength. Your girl is gorgeous, btw!!!!
God be with you,
Cory (mom of Lizzie, Charlotte, and Carolyn from music)

Ed said...

Nicole, Drew and Family... we continue to lift you and your beautiful girlie up in our prayers. Thank you so much for sharing this burden with us.

Much love,
The Darts

Michelle and Sean said...

Praying!! Glad things are getting treated, and hope things only improve!!