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Homeward Bound…

January 29, 2011

Lucy’s cultures have not grown any new bugs for the last 48 hours, which means that we can make arrangements to go home!  We do not need to pull and replace her line because her cultures in the last two days are negative for any of the bacteria.  We are going home on a 14 day course of IV antibiotics.  The susceptibilities came back and Dr. R was able to find ONE antibiotic that will cover both the gram negative and gram positive bacteria.  Even better, it is dosed every twenty-four hours vs. every six like we originally thought!  In our world, the number of times you have to administer a drug in a day can make or break your sleep pattern.  Lucy is already on an every eight hour dosing schedule with one of her IV meds, an every six hour med would mean sleep depravation and/or a need for night shift nursing.  Speaking of nursing, as Lucy’s needs are increasing we are having a difficult time finding qualified nurses who have IV certification, and being fabulous with children is of course a must.  We will continue to search.  I wish I could recruit a few of the nurses here on the floor, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

I spoke with our infusion company and Lucy’s TPN, IV meds, and equipment are being delivered here to the hospital sometime late this afternoon or early evening.  Our infusion nurse will come here and show me what needs to be done to take care of her at home, and then we will be able to sign the discharge papers and take this show on the road.

We are so grateful for the team of doctors and nurses that take such great care of our girly.  We are especially grateful for our doc who believes and trusts that we are capable of taking care of our girl in the best place for her…our home.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, we are once again blessed to be able to take our girly home.

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Susan said...

Yay for home!!!! :-)