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July 20, 2011

Lucy is currently being transfused packed red blood cells.  Our hope and prayer is that this will help her body function more optimally.  Dr. R is never quick to transfuse, but after seeing our girl on Friday he said we need to do it.


It has actually been a quiet and peaceful afternoon.  Sad but true, I am finding some peace amongst the chaos. 


Oh how abnormal our normal is…

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Things are going as well as can be expected.  I am looking forward to seeing our baby girl looking a little pinker.

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Reagan Leigh said...

I just read your last post about Lucy having autonomic storms...that's exactly what they've been saying my daughter Reagan is doing. It's frustrating for us, because we have no idea how to help her! Hers come and go in a very cyclical nature. She'll have days where she's perfect and couldn't look or feel better and then she'll have several days where she's absolutely miserable and cries nonstop, her heartrate is through the roof, she throws up, can't's horrible. I'm curious what your doctor is saying. We haven't been successful in finding any help for Reagan yet. It's been very stressful!

Heidi said...

(((hugs))) I also read your last post just now, poor baby. Sorry she's struggling so right now. Jack also goes through many days where all his functions are out of wack, right now his sats are really dipping--but i know much milder than Lucys. I just hate to see her fighting more and more issues, she really is an amazing little girl. Praying the transfusion helps, and shes feeling better soon. You've all been through so much this year, thinking about you and your family always, BIG hugs.
Heidi and Jack.

The Healey's said...

Lucy looks just beautiful. I am hoping too for pinker days ahead.
Prayers, Kelly

Groves said...

Oh...praying for you - ALL of you!!

Lord Jesus, carry the Marletts!

Cathy in Missouri