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The Wheels on the Bus…

July 21, 2011

What’s a bus doing in front of our house in the middle of summer? 


Why it came to pick the kids up to go to the High School to visit Helen.  Let me explain…

In addition to Lucy’s wish to see “pincess’ and pops” she also desired to ride a school bus…some day.

In her words, every time she sees a bus she says, “Mommy…I want go on dadt… some day.”  My response is always, “Sure Lucy!”, in my heart never really knowing if indeed she will ever get to experience all that her little heart desires.


Our wonderful new nurse has connections with the bus company, she put in a phone call,  details were discussed, and viola… a bus pulled up in front of our house the following morning at around 9:00am .  Not just any bus mind you, a handicap accessible bus, equipped with a ramp and tie downs for our little princess’s throne, and seven seats for the remainder of us .


The most kind hearted bus driver, a friend of our nurse, was honored to be Miss Lucy and Miss Sophie’s first school bus driver.  She was very sweet, as was the assistant on the bus, giving of their time so that our little one could actually ride on a school bus.


The morning the bus arrived, ironically, I had to wake Jack up so that he would not miss the bus.  That child wakes up early on his own most days, except on school days….go figure.  Megan, Sophie, and Lucy were anxious, excited, and ready and waiting for the bus at 9 am.  Lucy kept saying, “No want miss bus!”


We rode to the high school where Helen happens to be the school nurse for the summer school program.  She came out and greeted us at the bus and then took us on a brief tour of the high school.  Afterward we got back on the bus and went home. 


It’s the little things that matter, we feel so blessed to have the people in our lives that love and care for our family.  Thanks for all that you do, we appreciate you so much!  

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megan said...

Hey! We miss you guys! The girls were asking about Lucy Goosey today! Love the bus post. Emma will be very jealous. She really wants to ride a bus! Hugs to all of you!:)

Susan said...

Such a simple thing, but so meaningful. What a good feeling to know there are such kind-hearted, generous souls in this world. ... made we well up to read this. :-)

Heather said...

That is so awesome Nicole! So glad Miss Lucy and family enjoyed such a fun morning!!!! I love stories like this.

Carrie said...

What a fabulous surprise for Lucy! I'm glad your sweet nurse was able to make that happen for her. That's great! :)