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Come on Irene…

August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is here!  It is raining horizontally, the winds are strong and making too much noise for some of our kiddos to fall asleep,  we are also under a severe thunderstorm warning, and apparently a tornado warning.  We are taking all of this seriously and are prepared.  We have filled our bathtubs with water just in case we lose power, and you know…have to flush our toilets, we have our flashlights charged, ice packs in the freezer so that we can put Lucy’s TPN and meds on ice if need be, and food in the pantry.  Many people have asked us about Lucy’s medical equipment.  All of her infusion pumps run on Duracell batteries, no matter what happens to our power she will continue to receive her TPN, meds, and fluids without interruption.  We also have enough o2  tanks to last us well into next week if need be.  We are safe and sound and obviously still have our power as I am typing this post.  Thanks for all of your thoughts and and concern.  It has been a crazy week,  first an earthquake and now a hurricane.   

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