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Home Sweet Home…

October 5, 2011

We finally made it home tonight a little before 7:00PM…can you say loooooong day! 

We were discharged this morning at 11:00 AM, just in time to head downstairs for an outpatient therapy appointment with Lucy’s PT.  Afterwards we went straight to the outpatient pharmacy to attempt to pick up a prescription that I normally order from another pharmacy, but did not because we have been in the hospital for the past twelve days.  Lo and behold, the script that the resident wrote was incorrect, so we proceeded to march upstairs to track down someone who could call in the correct script.  While upstairs we were getting ready to begin the marathon of med infusions that occupy a majority of our day when Lucy’s small lumen, the one that would not flush well yesterday, began alarming “down occlusion”.  This occurred at the same time that Dr. K just so happened to be on the floor checking on his patients from yesterday, he was shocked that her line was not flushing as he said it flowed like a dream when he checked it in the OR yesterday. He ordered Lucy’s line to be TPAed (Is that even a verb?), which meant that we had to be readmitted! 

The first round of TPA did not work, so we attempted to try again.  Five hours later, Dr. K came upstairs with the IV nurse to try it for himself, it was then that it began to flush better than it had, and even better we were able to draw back blood.  Discharge papers were signed again and we were on our way home!

Now that we are home we began the process of organizing all of the meds, supplies, and med schedule.  It is going to be a long week as the only time during the day where Lucy is not being infused meds is between 2:00 and 5:30 AM and PM.  I am going to need to take advantage of those three and a half hours twice a day to nap.  The reward for a week like this is going to be a beach vacation!

We are all happy to be sleeping, if only for a few hours,  under one roof tonight!

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