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An “Off” Day

October 30, 2011

We are bound and determined to celebrate Halloween-at- home this year, and we were going to kick off our home Halloween weekend with a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, but… it’s snowing, it feels more like we should be getting our Christmas tree.  I stepped foot into a Target for the first time in months on Thursday looking for wings for a monarch butterfly costume that Sophie very firmly stated she wanted to be for Halloween.  Although yesterday she very firmly stated that she wanted to be a “white kitty cat, the very furry kind”, seriously.  Guess where I  found the costumes… right next to the Christmas decorations, what!?!  I already feel behind the eight ball so to speak all of the time, seeing Christmas decorations out so early just doesn’t seem right, anyone else want to rally around this with me?  I have been feeling more than ever that I just want life to s-l-o-w down!

I woke up last Sunday morning fully prepared to go to church when I leaned over to Drew and said lets take the kids to Sesame Place instead today.  It was a warm and beautiful fall day, perfect “Lucy weather”, he smiled and in an instant plans changed and a day full of memories were made.  I am so grateful that we seized the day knowing what I know now.



Lucy is “off”, something is not right with our girl.  She looks, for lack of a better word, “sick”.  She is sleepier, grumpier, sneezier…her symptoms are similar to those of the seven dwarfs.  Her coloring is, well,  whiter than the snow covering our front yard.  Her body temps and heart rates have all taken a dive down.   Clearly her autonomic nervous system is not happy.  We are praying that this is just a bad mito day and nothing worse, but my mama radar is saying something is up.

Hopefully the snow melts in time for trick or treating on Monday, if not our  kids are all going trick or treating as ski bums.

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