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Baby has a brand new set of wheels…

December 6, 2011


Lucy’s new wheelchair is here!  She has outgrown her old chair both in size and medical need.  Her new chair is bigger, heavier, more comfortable for her (not quite as comfortable for me to push), can support the weight of all of her medical equipment, has an IV pole, is pink, and has her name embroidered in pink letters on her seat to match her chair.  This is just a little something special that our wheelchair clinic likes to do for their kiddos  The first thing Lucy said when she saw her new wheelchair, “It my name!”, referring to the embroidery on the seat.   She just about feel out of her chair the first time she sat in it because she was so excited to show anyone and everyone her name.   



Her new chair has both tilt and recline, which means nothing to those of you who have never ordered a wheelchair before, but to those who have this is the reason that Lucy is more comfortable in her new chair, and also why her chair is so heavy(over 100 lbs.).  These two features combined mean that Lucy can be positioned in such a way that we are able to reduce the pressure on her belly, thus allowing her to be more comfortable.


Baby now needs a brand new ride for her new set of wheels.  We are nearing the end of the process of purchasing a wheelchair-accessible-van.  If you thought buying a car was a process, try buying a car with a wheelchair ramp!  Having a ramp van is going to make our life a whole lot easier when it comes to transporting our crew, especially Lucy!  We had some specific needs for our new wheelchair-accessible-van, mainly adding a fourth seat to the backseat as opposed to just having the third row back seats.  Because of this our options for what type of van and where we could purchase our wheelchair-accessible-van was limited and expensive, the ramp conversion costs almost as much as the van!


Our family has been blessed by the kindness, caring, love, support, and generosity of others in so many ways we feel humbled and honored!  There are several fundraisers occurring to “Help Us Lift Lucy into Her Van!”.  On Friday night The Hockessin Music School, a school that our family has been involved with for the last 10 years, hosted a family music night in honor of our family in hopes of raising some money for the cost of our van.  We never expected the outpouring of support that we received, it’s simply… amazing!  Additionally, Musikgarten, the music curriculum that our children have learned from, just released a new lullaby CD.  Jill, our friend and children’s music teacher, is selling the new CD for $12.00 as an additional fundraiser.  She and her husband are donating $5 for every CD sold, her sister who also teaches music classes offered to donate an additional $3 for every CD sold, and two very loving and supportive music school families each agreed to donating another $1!  This now means that for every CD sold $10 is going towards the cost of our wheelchair-accessible-van! I was told that at last count 90 CD’s have been sold!  If you are interested in purchasing a CD please leave me a comment in the comments section and we will make this happen.



If you live locally, there is another fundraiser occurring this Thursday, December 8th at  Wackadoodles Toy Shop. Betsy, the owner of Wackadoodles, heard of our story and very graciously offered to host a fundraiser for our family.   I cannot tell you how amazing it is that our family, our life, our littlest one’s heroic struggle with mitochondrial disease has touched the lives of so many.  It is every parents hope that their child make a difference in this world, we could never have imagined that ours would be doing this at such young age!   We feel so blessed to have the love and support of so many, to be living among those who care so much, to have a community that wants to reach out to those in need…we could never do this alone!  Thank you! 

Here are the details for the upcoming Wackadoodle’s fundraiser, feel free to spread the word!



Help us lift Lucy into her Van!

Lucy Marlett is a beautiful three year old girl with Mitochondrial disease. Lucy recently moved to a wheel chair that does not fold and weighs over 100 pounds, which makes a wheelchair-accessible-van a necessity!

Here is where you can help. Wackadoodles Toy Shop has graciously offered to donate a percentage of their total sales for one day to the Marlett family to help with the cost of their new wheelchair-accessible-van.

When: You are invited to attend a fun day of shopping at Wackadoodles Toy Shop on Thursday, December 8, 2011.

Where: Wackadoodle’s Toy Shop 61 Jenner’s Village Center West Grove, PA 19390 (Next to Giant) Phone: 610-869-2404

The Details: Wackadoodles Toy Shop will give you 10% off of your total purchase and donate 10% of your total sale to the Marlett family, or you can opt to have Wackadoodles donate the entire 20% or your total sale to the Marlett family. All you need to do is present this coupon to show your support.


This coupon is good for 10% off of your total purchase at Wackadoodles Toy Shop on Thursday, December 8, 2011. Wackadoodles will donate an additional 10% of your total sale to the Marlett family or you can opt to have Wacakadoodles donate the entire 20% of your total sale to the Marlett family.

Total Sale*__________________________________________

*Offer not valid with any other coupons, promotions, or sale items. This offer is valid for in-stock items only. Total sale does not include tax.

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