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December 19, 2011


I have not heard from the hospital or our main doc, which means that cultures have not grow anything as of yet, that’s good.  The cardiologist on call last night confirmed, based on the EKG they did in the ED ,that Lucy is experiencing sinus tachycardia.  We’re not at all surprised with this finding, but what we are wondering is what is causing it.  The fear is that it could become more serious, for now we are monitoring her heart rates very closely, and will be in contact with our main doc and cardiologist tomorrow…I see another holter monitor in Lucy’s near future. 


We started Lucy on a new med Friday night which we hoped would help her neuropathic pain.  Although very rare(for the general population that is, but we are talking about Lucy here so rare is really not that rare), there is a possibility that Lucy’s symptoms are as a result of an adverse reaction to the new medication.  Needless to say, we discontinued the med and will be in touch with our palliative and hospice care team to discuss other options for our girly.  Lucy’s urine came back with an impressive number of white blood cells in it, indicating infection but we won’t really know until we get the culture back.  Perhaps our biggest fear is that the yeast that has overtaken Lucy’s GI tract is circulating in her blood system.  Yeast and central lines are not good, not good at all.  Yeast is difficult to grow on a culture, it likes to hide and then surprise you with one really sick kiddo.  We are praying that this is not it!


Something is up, what it is we just don’t know yet…this is the hardest part of all of this, the not knowing! Once you know what it is, then you can do something! 

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