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Twas a week before Christmas…

December 18, 2011


And all through our house sounds of Lucy’s heart rate monitor are alarming us all!  We are currently sitting in the ED getting labs and cultures drawn.  Lucy’s heart rates are high >170bpm, she is sitting right at the cutoff for what we consider a fever, and she looks like a little tomato.  On the plus side, she is not really acting “sick”…yet.  We spoke with our main doc, who just happens to be on this weekend, and he agreed to have us come in for labs, cultures, and a EKG and then we can go home and wait for him to call.  We both agree that this is out of Lucy’s norm, and with Christmas just a week away we are trying to be proactive.


Six hours later we are still here, in the ED.  We are waiting on lab results.  Cultures are cooking and Dr. R has convinced the ED docs to let us go, just as soon as we get a few more lab results back.  Ugh…time definitely does not fly when you are in the hospital!  We are looking forward to picking up our other three kiddos and going to bed.  Please pray for negative cultures, and that things calm down with Lucy’s body. 


We arrived home at around 12:30 am.  We are going to be keeping a close eye on our girly.  Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep, lord knows we could use one!

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~Jana~ said...

I know you dont know me..ive followed your blog for over a year know. I will pray for you and Lucy to stay well and stay home through the holidays. ((Hugs))

Susan said...

Praying for little Lucy today. And praying that you all can be home and healthy for Christmas. Hugs to all!
- The Darts. :-)

Ash said...

Oh, Lucy. I'm praying things have settled down and Dr. R's voice hasn't been on the other end of the phone line!