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February 25, 2012

That is Lucy’s current stance, all week her body temperature has been on the rise.  It is hovering at or above our cut off for what we consider a fever.  Last night it went higher than it has all week which prompted a call to the on call doctor.  Our options at 11pm were few, she needed to have repeat labs and blood cultures done to rule out infection.  Sensing my frustration, he discussed with me my options for bringing her in, if her temps came down then we could wait until the morning, but if they continued to rise she needed to come in, and so began the back and forth discussions in my head of what to do.   Lucy has been running a low grade temperature for weeks, she has had blood cultures done weekly for the past three weeks with no growth...yet, and neurologically she has a lot of issues going on which we believe is playing a role in her temperature instability.  In addition to the fevers, she is acting manic again, not sleeping.  I would describe her behavior as volatile, one moment she is fine the next she is screaming.  This is so difficult.

Every fifteen minutes or so we kept rechecking her temperature, she was trending down which we took as a sign to bring her in in the morning.  After struggling to find sleep she finally did at around 12:45 pm.

Our plan is to bring her to the ER this morning for labs and cultures.  If her temperature is on the rise  or lab work is indicating infection then we will stay and start treating her as if she has an infection until things prove otherwise.         

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Kim said...

So sorry to see this Nicole! I have been praying for you and Lucy the last 3 days and wondering how you were making out. Praying for good results today & praying for peace in decision making for you! Love you Lucy...Stay strong!