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Technical Difficulties…

April 12, 2012


Lucy and I came to the ED last night due to technical difficulties with her central line.  One of the lumens on her line has stopped working altogether.  Lucy’s level of care is too much to not have both lumens fully functioning, we had no other options but to bring her in so that we could get all of her meds into her.   The fear is that the line is not just clotted off but that there is a break in the line somewhere internally.   It “popped” earlier this week when we were drawing labs from it.   A dye study needs to be done to determine the cause of the problem.  Of course we need to wait until the morning to have this done, which means we have been admitted.  While in the ED the attending was not happy with the way Lucy “looked”, so a  CBC was ordered and lo and behold Lucy’s blood counts have dropped significantly over the last week.  Something is going on, and so now starts the medical detective work.  Lucy has had a bad week of manic episodes and seizures.  Conversations have been had with our main doc, neurology, palliative care, and hospice about what we can do for Lucy.  Hopefully by being in-patient we will be able to resolve some of these issues sooner.

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Helen A said...

Your nose turned pink and you have grown wiskers, when did that happen? Get that line fixed and come home so you can give me a hug!