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Yesterday and today…

June 16, 2012

We were here,

Photo Jun 14, 1 41 53 PMPhoto Jun 14, 1 41 34 PM

running to and fro

Photo Jun 14, 11 24 18 AM

on Capital Hill.

We were lobbying with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, meeting with our representatives and senators asking them to support legislation for primary mitochondrial disease research .

Photo Jun 14, 12 30 24 PM

And tonight, we are here,

Photo Jun 16, 12 44 02 AMPhoto Jun 16, 12 08 48 AM

at the “hotel” DuPont, admitted for fevers and an occluded line, Lucy decided to throw that in at the last minute to make things even more exciting.  We left DC abruptly this afternoon when Lucy’s temps went above and beyond our cut off for fever.  Cultures are cooking, labs were drawn, urine collected, and an ear infection detected in her right ear.   Her line has been TPA’d and is flowing like a river once again, but I will have to let you know about her cultures sometime tomorrow.  Please pray for “just” an ear infection and for negative cultures. 

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charity said...

praying for her to only have an ear infection and be able to go home soon

Brandy Williams said...

Poor sweet girl! Praying hard for her! Oh, Nicole, if you have a facebook, could you please let me know so i can add you? thank you!!