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June 8, 2012


It’s official, today is the first day of summer vacation for our kiddos and you know what, every day of the school year we have to wake them at 7:15 am but not today, nope they all (except for Megan) woke up on their own before 7:15 am.  Last night I announced that there would be a major incentive given on the last day of summer vacation to anyone who makes their bed every morning, does their morning jobs every day, keeps the bathrooms clean, helps with the laundry, makes every effort to help one another out and not get out of helping one another…and on and on, maybe I should have added sleeps past 8:00 am.  Every year since Jack was a wee little one we created a “summer fun list”,a list of fun, fantastic, wild and crazy, and not so wild and crazy ideas that we wish to accomplish over the summer and this year is no exception.  Some years we get to everything on our list and then some, and others, like last summer, were only half completed, it’s ok.  I really enjoy the process of making the list the most, I love to hear what the kids desire, it’s usually the little things that they wish to do, although going to Disney World always gets suggested.


Lucy woke early, which is not unusual for her as of late, I am beginning to wonder if she secretly enjoys watching the sunrise.   Yeah, she is waking that early.  The moment she heard the girls bedroom door open she started calling for Sophie.  Before Sophie went into Lucy’s room she came in my room with that I just woke up look, smiling, and told me she made her bed already.  Oh this is going to be a fun summer, who doesn’t like an incentive.  Lucy’s world revolves around when the kids are going to be home from school, her little mind is going to explode when she realizes that they are going to be home every morning.


As usual we have had more than our fair share of medical issues, appointments, therapies…I will write an update about all of those in another post soon.  As for now, I must attend to the sister war that is ensuing in Lucy’s room over the alphabet I believe.  Here’s to the first day of summer vacation…enjoy!

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Franci said...

Yay!! Man, I want to play with the Marletts!! Miss you guys so much especially when the weather gets nice!