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Oh turkey...

November 16, 2012

These pictures are of the "messy craft" that Lucy did with Jen yesterday, they put the finishing touches on the turkeys today... too, too cute.
I really have nothing new to report tonight.  We are still waiting to see if anything grows on her cultures.  It is not necessarily a good thing that nothing has grown.  We know there is something wrong, and it reeks of an infection, but we don't have any proof...yet.  Increased belly pain continues to have us searching for a cause.  Dr. R suggested "throwing her" in the CT scanner to see if can get a better picture of things,  I agreed with that, but suggested setting her down gently in it instead of throwing her :).

The kids and Drew came to the hospital to have dinner with Lucy and I and to attend our monthly family meeting tonight.  It was so good to see them, but I hated saying good-bye to them tonight especially since we don't have a plan yet.  I shouldn't have to point out that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that the turkey is not going to cook itself, so we are hoping and praying for answers so that we get home soon.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, love and support we appreciate them so much!
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Helen A said...

I love the turkeys. I bet you had feathers everywhere. Lucy don't let them throw you in that cat scan, they better be careful with you. I bet they don't know how hard you can sting!