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November 15, 2012
This picture speaks for itself...I think that she feels about as good as her hair looks.

Things with our girl have stabilized, praise God.  Her temps are down as are her heart rates, but she is still just not feeling well.  I believe that the antibiotics are doing their job, her temps have come down to below normal literally overnight.  Cultures are negative, but it is still early, Lucy has been known to grow positive after 72 hours, so we wait.  I have said this before, the not knowing, the waiting, it is the most difficult part of this journey.  Based on how she presented, her lab work, and how her fevers have responded to the antibiotics, we are suspicious that this is could be a line infection.

We took a trip down to ultrasound this morning to see if we could get a better picture of what's going on inside Lucy's belly.  Dr. R wanted to be sure that we were not overlooking a possible bowel obstruction.  Thankful, again, the report came back normal, not sure what we could really do for her if she has an actual bowel obstruction.

Lucy spent the majority of her day sleeping, she did wake up for a short period of time to do a messy craft with our friend Jen from child life, it was the highlight of Miss Lucy's day by far. She wore herself out painting, and has since gone back to sleep.  Drew and I spent the majority of our day whispering back and forth to one another all the while trying to do work from our computers.  It was nice to have his company today, it is not often that he spends the entire day with us while we are in patient.  Divide and conquer is how we get through most admissions, we have had to learn to live life this way.  Tomorrow the kids and Drew will come over after school to have dinner with us and then attend our monthly Chronically Cool Families Meeting.

We continue to pray for answers, hopefully we get some more clarity tomorrow.

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Helen A said...

I like the shades. It looks like you need a hair intervention. Keep resting and get home soon.