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December 23, 2008
This morning I am reminded more than ever to take the time and really enjoy the holidays, you never know what can happen! A family that we met on one of our hospital stays has a very sick child who is battling so much this season, as their son has once again been admitted to the hospital. Please say a pray or send some positive thoughts to this family as they need, more than anyone I know this season, to have a "Merry" Christmas.

We are off to CHOP today as we have another appointment with Lucy's metabolic doctor. We are learning, but are still hopeful, not to put too much stock in one appointment. She will have labs drawn today. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as labs are never easy for Lucy.

More than ever, we are excited to have family coming for the holidays! I think we all strongly feel the need to be together this season. I am looking forward to making new memories and laughing about the old! If I don't update before Christmas, know that we are busy with all that comes with the season, but are so grateful to have everyone/thing that is keeping us so busy!
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