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December 19, 2008
Yeah, we made it to Friday! This week more, than any other week recently, has been the most exhausting week for us a parents. I'd like to say that I have been busy helping the elfs in the North Pole, or cleaning my house in anticipation of company coming, or even going out to lunch with girlfriends to celebrate the season, sadly I have done none of the above this week. My week started off with Lucy's nine month peds. appointment on Monday. All went as expected, she is again battling another cold so we are monitoring her closely. When I returned home from her appointment on Monday evening Jack stated to us that his ear was "really hurting!" He too has been battling a cold for sometime. So back to the pediatrician on Tuesday morning. After looking in his ears and listening to his chest, she concluded that he has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection. She asked me if I noticed that he was wheezing, sadly I did not! I have been dealing with, you know, metabolic issues. The common cold seemed manageable. I will be more attentive next time. He is doing well now that he has antibiotics and a neubulizer. While I was there I had her listen to Sophie's chest as she too has a "yucky" cough. After listening to her chest for a while our pediatrician took off her stethoscope and said that it was hard to hear Sophie's breathing because her stomach was making so much noise. For those of you who know our Sophie, you know that she is always hungry! We call her our Pooh Bear because not only is she shaped like him, she always has a "rummbly in her tummbly". She concluded that Sophie is just dealing with the residuals of a cold and needed some lunch. Wednesday is a blurr, I know that I crashed on Drew right after I put Lucy to bed. Thursday was the girls ballet recital. Watching them dance to music from the Nutcracker was a present all its own! For me there is nothing sweeter than watching my girls move as gracefully as they possible can across the dance floor. It is one of life's sweetest pleasures! After the recital we were off to Jack's school to be his show and tell. He was special person of the week, and boy did I really screw this up for him as I didn't even know he had this honor until Tuesday morning. I hope that us coming made up for forgetting to bring in a show and tell on Monday. Now it is Friday, and I have an entire weeks worth of laundry to fold, menus to plan, Christmas cards to address that I had done in October just so I wouldn't have to do them the week of Christmas, presents to shop for and wrap, and oh yeah a follow up appointment at the peds. office this afternoon for Jack. I am looking forward to this evening where I can sit with my kids and my husband and watch a holiday movie!
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