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Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar?

December 31, 2008

This morning I was putting Lucy down for her nap when Sophie yelled up the stairs to me,

"Mommy, I'm still hungry for a little more food. "

Mind you she just finished eating breakfast about fifteen minutes earlier. I chose not to respond to her as I was in the rocking chair nursing Lucy to sleep. After laying Lucy down for her nap, putting another load of laundry in the machines, and getting dressed, I came downstairs yelling "What are you up to Sophie?", to which I heard no response. When I came into the kitchen I saw a small chair pushed up next to the counter where a large plate of peanut butter kiss cookies were located. I then looked down to see our Sophie munching away on one of the above mentioned cookies.

So I asked her in a stern but sweet tone, "What are you doing?"

Sophie: No response from her as her mouth was too full to talk.

So her Dad asked, "What did you do Sophie?"

Sophie: She swallowed and said enthusiastically, "I had an idea!"

At this point Drew and I are trying very hard not to laugh as we are trying to teach her that she needs to ask us before she just helps herself to something to eat. In order to keep her from digging a hole any deeper I skimmed over the obvious question and went straight for an answer.

Mommy: So I asked her, how many cookies have you eaten?

Sophie: I think just five!

We learn something new everyday!
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