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We need to teach Lucy Spanish?

February 25, 2009
I mentioned recently that Lucy is going to be starting therapy to catch her up in some of the areas that she is behind. It sounds strange to say this of an eleven month old baby, but one of the areas she is lagging behind in is speech and communication. I won't get into the technicalities of how we know this, but we are needing to work with her on these skills. One of the ways that we are trying to help her is to use baby sign language to help her express what she wants or what we want from her. Years ago when Jack was a tiny baby, Drew and I took a class from the Family Resource center in Eau Claire that explained to us the benefits of baby signing as well as some very simple signs we could teach our baby. Oh yes, we were one of those very eager to learn new parents who thought that this sounded like one of those "baby Einstein" marketing gimmicks. We were teased by some of the more veteran moms in our neighborhood about applying such skills with our baby. Turns out that we have used baby signs successfully with all of our children! It really helps them to communicate their wants before they are able to verbalize them. The signs are simple gestures used to express one or two word commands, this technique was not ment for them to communicate in sentences or spell out words using signs. We have been trying to teach Lucy the sign for "more" since currently she just cries when she wants more of something. We are also we are trying to teach her the sign for "sit". Sit is an important sign to teach her since you all know what happened to her in January.

So last night when we were putting Sophie to bed Sophie declared very emphatically(like she usually does) that we need to teach Lucy how to sit in Spanish!

Drew and I were surprised and wondered why she was making such an out of the blue statement. We know better than to question Sophie's out of the blue statements at 9:00 PM as many of them are stall tactics. Being the tired parents that we are and hoping to get to bed as soon as her door was shut, we just agreed with Sophie that we need to teach Lucy how to sit in Spanish. Frankly, I just thought it was a word that she learned from watching Dora the Explorer and wanted to share her knowledge with her sister.

However, sometimes things are just so off the wall that you wonder where they are coming from. So I had to ask, "Why do we need to teach Lucy how to sit in Spanish?"

Sophie: "Because she needs to learn!"

Good enough, right?

Knowing that I was now delaying going to bed, I had to ask the obvious, "Sophie, how do you say sit in Spanish?" To which she replied like this, and showed us the sign language sign for sit.

Drew and I: "Oh, I think you meant we need to teach Lucy how to sit in sign language."

Sophie: "Sign language, Spanish what's the difference?"

I was not falling for that one! With that I said, "Good Night, Sophie! I'll explain in the morning."
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