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And today she’s six!

April 8, 2009


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Six years ago today Megan Olivia Marlett came into this world early, as usual.  Megan is our ONLY child who is usually ready before any one else  in our house, she does not get this from me.  Often when we are getting ready to leave for somewhere I will call out for Megan wondering where she is, almost always she will already be in the car buckled up and waiting.  We call Megan our “flipper flopper” because she has a tendency to change her mind and then go back to what she originally wanted.   She did this just before making her arrival into this world, she turned her head the wrong way for delivery so we waited  another two hours for her to change her mind and go back into the position she was originally in so that she could make her entrance.   Today's example, we took Megan to the toy store to let her pick out any bike she wanted for her birthday.  She first picked out a cute pink bike that sparkled and had streamers on the handles.  It came with training wheels, which she does not need, so she moved on to pick a bigger bicycle with a kick stand  and no training wheels but still one that sparkled and had streamers on the handles.  Well, tonight at dinner she said to me that she thinks that her new bicycle is too big and wishes that she could go back and pick the smaller pink bicycle as long as we don’t put the training wheels on it.  I guess you could say she was born with it!

Megan you are growing up before our very eyes and are truly becoming a remarkable human being!  We are so honored to be your parents and to be experiencing the world with you in our lives! I can’t imagine our family being what we are today with out you in it!

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