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April 14, 2009


I can’t believe that our vacation week is over.  We had a great time this week just spending time together as a family.  Some have asked if we had a relaxing vacation, to which we replied “Is it really possible to have a relaxing vacation with four young children?”  Relaxing would not be the word I would use to describe our week off, I’m not sure I have a word that describes our time together.  I do know that this morning when we all had to get up for school, work, to do laundry we all felt a little sad to be going our separate ways which means that we thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family!  Our hope is that we have made some enjoyable memories for our children!

While on vacation we were able to do so many of  the things that we set out to do.  We took the kids to D.C. to see the blossoms and the monuments.  If you asked the kids what the highlight of their D.C. trip was, they would unanimously say riding the Metro and getting ice cream at the mall food court .  It’s the little things in life! 


The weather was not the most cooperative; however, the kids did have some time to ride bikes and scooters on the driveway while Drew pulled some weeds and fertilized the grass.  Fertilizing is such a catch 22, if you know what I mean.  Lawn mowing season is upon us once again.  Just what we don’t need, one more thing to maintain.  F.Y.I. we managed to convince Megan to keep the blue sparkly bicycle.  She is getting better at riding it and so is Jack.

Our family of six is now a family of six plus three goldfish.  Oh yes we did it, we took the plunge and are officially pet owners, we have the PETCO card to prove it.  Like most kids, ours have been begging and pleading for a pet, they were thrilled with the idea of having a fish to call their very own! So with out further adieu we would like to introduce “Tiki Bunny” his real name according to Sophie is “Bunny”, “Easter”, and “R2D2” or “R2” for short.   


Here are just a few fish  facts for your reading pleasure:

1) The cost of a 1.5 gallon Nemo fish tank is 92 times more than the cost of three goldfish.

2) One Nemo statue costs way less than buying an actual Nemo fish.

3) The pet store was the only store open on Easter.

4) We learned that three small goldfish will indeed outgrow their tank in due time (we’ll just see if we make it that far). 

Lucy too got a fish tank of her very own.   Hers lights up and plays music every time you drop a plastic fish in the tank, it’s perfect.


We managed to start a few home projects that hopefully will be finished sometime in the near future. We also watched movies and ate popcorn in the family room which in our house is usually a big NO NO, eating in the family room that is.  We were able to spend a fair amount of  time hanging out in our pajamas, but I don’t think we ever made it a full day in just our pajamas.   We dyed eggs for Easter as well as our hands.  I don’t know why we don’t do this activity more often, the kids really loved it!  Hard boiled eggs are definitely one of Sophie’s top ten favorite foods!  The community Easter egg hunt was rained out on Saturday, so we decided to have an egg hunt in our yard on Easter Sunday.   


We spent a lot of time throwing schedule out the window and just doing whatever we wanted when we wanted.  This was fun while it lasted, but I have to admit that I am a little anxious to get everyone back on schedule.   We ended our vacation by taking the kids to see Sesame Street Live, it hit us when we were on our way to the show that this may be the last time that we will be able to take all four of our kiddos to see a Sesame Street show without one or more or them saying that they are too old for Sesame Street.  Although, my brother purchased the DVD series of the first years of the show and watched them with our kids at Christmas and I do believe that he enjoyed them more than the kids did. So maybe we still have a few years left.

As far as up coming medical appointments go, it looks like we are heading to Atlanta May 19th.  Lucy will have several procedures preformed while we are there.  She will have a resting metabolic rate test, spinal tap, skin, and muscle biopsy.  The last three will be done under anesthesia and the first one will be preformed at a clinic.  She will need to fast for two hours prior to the resting metabolic test, she should have no problems with this it’s the quietly sitting for forty-five minutes during the test that I am concerned about.   Most importantly,we  have a two hour consultation scheduled with Dr. Schoffner. We are very interested in his opinion!  Before we go to Atlanta we are hoping to be admitted to CHOP to have the surgery done to place the PEG-tube as well as having the upper and lower endoscopy procedures.  We are waiting to hear back from CHOP to schedule these procedures.  On Wednesday of this week we have therapy and on Thursday we have an appointment with audiology at DuPont.  We feel good that we are moving forward with some of these things but are continuously struggling with this reality.  Drew and I have spent a lot of time talking about Lucy’s situation, we continue to remain hopeful that we will get answers to what is ailing our little girl!   We appreciate the numerous thoughts and prayers that are being said everyday for our family especially our little Lucy, thank you!

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