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Does anyone know what day of the week it is?

July 14, 2009


Sounds ridiculous, right?  In my sleep deprived state I admit that I have had to ask this question to my husband upon waking on way too many mornings this past year.  He has just gotten in the habit of announcing  the day of the week to me when he wakes, and sometimes even  throws in the date and the year just in case.  Ha ha very funny, but seriously I am having a tough time keeping everything straight these days, can you blame me?   I remember when Lucy was born we had an OB nurse who was also the mother of four, her best advice to me was to get a notebook and write stuff down,  because as the mother of four your memory will be tested.  She was not kidding!  My head has been full of carpool schedules, camp schedules, play dates, doctors appointments, phone calls, insurance issues, more doctors appointments, therapy appointments, swimming lessons, dance classes, grocery lists, Target lists, Costco lists, who wears what shoe size now, how much did Lucy get feed/how much food does Lucy have left, when did I last change Lucy’s diaper and Sophie’s for that matter, how long has Lucy been sleeping, is she running another fever, who wants what for breakfast, lunch and dinner for that matter, when did daddy say he was coming home, and oh yeah more doctors appointments…. and the list goes on and on. 



In the next few weeks our schedules are chock full of all the things I just mentioned and then some.  Lucy’s repeat swallow study has finally been scheduled for next week Tuesday.  I have spoken with the speech pathologist who will be doing the study, she gave me hope and that’s all I need right now!  We have an appointment with the seating clinic at DuPont next Wednesday to see if we can’t get Lucy some adaptive equipment that will allow her to sit and bring her hands to midline without tipping over.  Well just have to see what they have to offer us.  On Thursday of next week we have an appointment at DuPont again, this time with the PT department to get Lucy fitted for a posterior walker.   Lucy is not able to walk yet, but we are hopeful that with time and the right equipment we will be able to help her learn to walk.  She wants so badly to be able to walk, but is physically unable to hold up her upper body without support, if you can imagine her frustration level is through the roof!  Finally on Friday of next week we end our week with a follow up appointment with Lucy’s nutritionist, this gives us eleven days to get some weight on this girl.  


(In case your wondering, she has a mouth full of sand!)

Jack, Megan, and Sophie are all busy with camps, sports, dance class, swimming lessons, play dates, library activities, and  just plain being kids!  This summer has been flying by, which makes us all kind of sad, we love spending time together as family.    We love not having to stick to a strict schedule, but don’t get me wrong a loose schedule is still necessary.  Our hope as parents is to enjoy the kids for who they are right now and not wait until they are this or that to do things with them.  We say this  about every age, “I love this age”, the truth is every age has its advantages and opportunities, so we try and seize the moments.  I am hoping that we will can take a mini break for all the madness sometime in the near future.  Our hopes of traveling back to our home state of Wisconsin will not be possible this summer, but we are hoping to take a vacation at home, like I’ve said the accommodations just can’t be beat!   Every summer we make a list of all the activities we want to do over the summer, I took a look at this list just the other day and boy do we have a lot to get to!


P.S . All of these pictures were taken  at the beach the weekend before Lucy’s PEG tube surgery.  Just thought I’d share a few more, enjoy.

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