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A Few Things We Can’t Live Without

September 25, 2009

We just received our monthly medical shipment from our UPS guy yesterday.  He looked like he was running back to his truck to get another box, so I asked him if there was more.  He smiled back to me and said, “that should last her another month don’t you think?”  Funny thing is I have never told him what the boxes are for, I guess the enteral feeding department label on the box gave him a clue.


Three times a day I administer various medicines Lucy.   All of her meds get pushed through her g-tube,we use our fair share of syringes.  We do try our best to rinse and reuse them as often as possible.  Twice a day we mix up Lucy’s food in batches that can last for up to twelve hours.  We use ice packs to keep the milk from spoiling during those twelve hours.   It is really hard to know  if the milk is spoiled since it smells rotten the moment you make it.   Experience has taught me that in order to keep the breast milk fat from separating, the formula and the breast milk need to be at the same temperature when they are mixed.


I no longer use our changing table to change diapers, it has become a medical storage unit of sorts.   Most of these items get shipped to us on a monthly basis. 


All of these items are necessary for Lucy to grow and thrive, but the one item that we can not live without in our house has to be


Lucy’s binky!

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Heidi said... did I miss you taking a picture of Jacks HHC delivery! LOL, Im right there with ya sister! more hugs and prayers for your beautiful baby Lucy-