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September 3, 2009

School is back in session for our “big kids”.  I have to admit that I  have mixed emotions about school starting, I am sad that another summer is over and our freedom of doing what we want when we want to do it has ended.  School starting means we have to change gears and go back to a strict schedule again.  On the flip side, this year for the first time; I have to say that even thought I am sad about summer being over, I am happy to have a routine again.     It’s going to be a good year for them, I can feel it!  Jack is in the third grade this year.  How can I be the mother of a third grader?  His best friend since babyhood and he are in the same class together for the first time since preschool.  It’s a good thing.  Paul once said to Jack, “Jack you and me are like peas and carrots!”  They really are, they complement each other well and I  am so glad that they can share this experience.


Megan is in the first grade this year, she is gone from home all day for the first time in her life!  Megan has the same teacher that Jack had for first and and second grade and we are thrilled that she will be in this class for the next two years!  Half of her class knows Jack because he was with them last year, they have said to Megan that she looks like the girl version of Jack.  She loves school, especially being able to eat lunch at school.   I must confess that I miss having my “little mama” with me during the day.


Sophie and I have had some extra “special” Mommy and Sophie time this week.  On Monday she and I had a great time baking cookies and other goodies  for an afternoon snack for the kids, we played with puzzles, and went out to lunch together and Lucy too.  Lucy has been sleeping a lot recently, waking up for the day at around noon which gives Sophie and me some quality time.  On Tuesday morning she waved good bye to the kids and than turned around and said “Now we can have some special Mommy and Sophie time” and slammed the front door.  Sophie starts her preschool next week.


Lucy is not in school obviously, but we have therapy three times a week which is a commitment.  She is making progress and we are so proud of our girl!  She is really learning and retaining the signs we are teaching her each week.  It is so amazing to see her sign for help when she needs it!  Her six month review for therapy is coming up, when I think back we have really come a long way in the past six months. 

Next week we add after school activities to our schedule, at least we don’t have any doctor’s appointments scheduled.

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megan said...

You have the most gorgeous children! Love the pictures! Glad to hear there are NO doctor appointments and that Lucy is doing well!