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May 23, 2012

Photo May 22, 11 04 48 PM

Lucy is sporting that post transfusion glow tonight, she looks warm and radiant.  Our day was long, eight hours long, but uneventful as far as transfusions go, thank God.  Day med was busy, the lab work got a little confusing, the pharmacy made an error on one of our bi-weekly scripts, all of my electronics ran out of power or were unable to connect to the hospital internet for one reason or another, and the scale in day med was broken and reading numbers much higher than I like to see(but then again doesn't it always) which had us taking a field trip to our favorite sunshine module to get weighed.  There was a time when issues like these would have gotten to me more.  Sitting through hours and hours of infusions is not exactly my idea of fun, but I will do it over and over and over again because it’s what she needs.  Lucy was a doll baby and slept for five hours this afternoon, oh yes she did!  She even slept through being transported from Day Med to the MRI suite, amazing, I know.  We had to move after 6:00 pm as day med was closing. 

Photo May 22, 3 52 07 PMPhoto May 22, 3 53 01 PM

My heart was heavy today as I watched blood drip ever so slowly into our little girl’s body.  Friends of ours said their final good-bye to their little girl today.  Please keep the Dunne family in your thoughts and prayers.

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