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A quick update....

January 3, 2013
Currently Lucy is one sick little girl.  We are in the right place, she needs to be here right now.  Her labs look about as bad as she does.  She is non-responsive and has been sleeping pretty much for days.   When we brought her home for Christmas, she was not well but our hope was that things would improve.  Sadly they have not.

It is suspected that Lucy has cholangitis again.  We did a repeat ultra sound of her common bile duct area this morning and found that it is once again blocked.  Simply removing her gallbladder is apparently not going to fix this problem.  We are going to need to discuss our options with surgery tomorrow.  Pain continues to be an issue, I am relieved to be here as we could really use help with staying on top of this for our girl.

We are being well taken care of by the wonderful team of doctors and nurses who know and love our girl.  We are settling back into room four, "our room" on "our floor".  I will update more tomorrow, I am exhausted and am going to take full advantage of having around the clock nursing.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers, love and support.

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charity said...

praying for lucy seems like she cant catch a break here lately.