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Mommy, Lucy is Sick....

January 3, 2013
(This photo was taken on New Years Day.  Oh how I love these girls!)

While eating dinner on New Year's Day Drew and I were talking to the kids about life when Megan said to us....

"Mommy, my nose is dripping."


"Because I need to cry."

I looked at Megan and told her that is was OK to cry and then asked her what was making her feel like she needed to cry.

Her response, "Mommy, Lucy is sick..."

We along with so many were happy that we were able to spend the holidays at home, but it caused some confusion in our kids.  They too were happy, but they could clearly see that Lucy was not well and I think that they were afraid to talk to us about it for fear that we would not be so happy to be home. 

If you could please pray not only for Lucy but for our other three kiddos, that they too can find clarity and peace among the chaos.

This is so hard!
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Monica said...

As always, thinking of you all. Sorry things are so chaotic right now.

~Jana~ said...

So sorry! I know that has to be so heartbreaking for you. Many prayers for you, your husband and all of your babies.

Sadie Zeld said...

i don't know you, but i will keep your entire family in my thoughts. before i read this post, i was looking at your other children i the photographs thinking how hard this must be on them, too. you're doing a great job. keep your chin up and stay strong. prayers are with you!!!