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An almost quiet Sunday...

May 20, 2013
Lucy is about the same as yesterday - translation, she is stable, stable is good.  I wrote these words in an  e-mail earlier this afternoon.

Lucy has some healing to do and as such her body is tired, she slept comfortably for the most part today.  However, she did wake up bright and early this morning so that she could play.  One of her favorite nurses worked with us last night and Lucy wanted to make sure she had some extra play time with her this morning.  Mommy wasn't quite ready to wake up at the crack of dawn, and thankfully I didn't have to because Lucy was given her very own blood pressure machine to play with.  Yep, you read correctly, Lucy is obsessed with the portable blood pressure machines, obsessed I tell you.  Play imitating real life, some kids play school or house, ours plays medical babies.  She was so happy to have the machine to play with I was able to get two more hours of sleep, two-whole-entire hours more!  I'll give you one guess what she is sleeping with tonight :).

Pain team came by and wanted to take Lucy off of her dilaudid PCA, what can say, BIG mistake.  She was one miserable little girl when the kids came to see us this evening.  Megan even said, "I hope Lucy is nicer tomorrow".  We have been playing catch-up on pain control tonight, not fun, not fun at all!  I wish we could just hang her PCA back up, but instead I think we came up with a pretty good compromise that is pretty close to a continuous infusion.  Let's just say I'm just glad I'm not the one administering all of these meds tonight.

Slow and steady, that seems to be the pace.
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